Teachers College Dalat

Lycee Yersin is formed from two schools: Petit Lycée (inaugurated in 1927) and Grand Lycée (start construction in 1929 and completed in 1941). On 28-6 - 1935 Grand Lycee Yersin named Lycée. Later renamed the Education Center, Hung Vuong, currently the Pedagogical College of Dalat. This is a unique architectural imprints Europe , but also combines many architectural details to create an indigenous architectural blend of East and West. Rated as a modernist architecture at the time, it was a successful author when sticking the overall work with local topography. According to the heritage preservation of Lam Dong, Da Lat Teachers College is the first high-rise buildings of the city of Dalat. At this school, the classroom in the building, built an arc, bare brick red brick school was being transported from Europe to, roofing tiles made ​​from France (old tile layers so can not be used more should have been replaced with tile often as today). Highlights of blocks unique arc bell tower. Outside the bell tower had an antique clock, but after a period lasting up to now visitors can only see traces of red brick background reprint. Above landmark steeple bell was no longer so might have been removed before.
Pedagogical College Dalat - Photo: HDPhoto
Architects Kundara Peki (Japan) said: "In terms of usability architecture, modern world is more, the country we are also very much. But on the unique and symbolic of the culture, the work of Vietnam 's great. " After hours admire the architecture, Kundara Peki drunk to shoot hundreds of images flowing tunic girls on campus. The background of all these images remain curved architectural icons and the bell tower of school each named Grand Lycee Yersin (Alexandre Yersin, who discovered Dalat unique valley). In architectural perspective, values ​​and cultural symbols of the College of Pedagogy Dalat is priceless. Architect Tran Duc Loc (Lam Dong DoC), who participate in developing heritage records to the government to recognize the Historical curve is a national cultural sophistication commented: "Public buildings Teachers College curved Dalat is an architectural treasure, of Da Lat ".